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Download Boom Beach APK, a free and fun strategy game for android, and help everybody take back beaches! It’s necessary to defeat the enemy and capture their forts!

Boom Beach Storyline

You will join a real-time battlefield. In which, you will command a small unit. You will have to fight against multiple enemies to complete your challenge.

You’re taking part in an epic war against the evil blackguard. It’s essential to send the force to islands that the foes invaded. It’s also a way to explore secrets.

Remember to build a fort on a Pacific island! It’s important to defend the base! You must survive so you can finish your mission.

Another stage

From such a battle, you’re able to engage in a race to mine ancient powers on the islands. It means that you’re going to combat numerous rivals online.


Enjoy with millions of other players

Raid hundreds of bases to loot

Control precious resources to unlock upgrades

Uncover the power of the Life Crystals

Encounter Blackguard Bosses

Create alliances with other gamers to fulfill co-op tasks

And more

Boom Beach APK is free and available to download for android smartphones or tablets. Knock out every opponent and master what you expect!

How To Install KawaiiWorld APK for Android

  • First, download the KawaiiWorld file from
  • Launch file manager on the Android device and tap on Download Files /KawaiiWorld APK.
  • Install “Accept the installation of unknown source”. Please remember that if the device has been not yet activated, it can be set up by accessing Settings/ Safety/ Privacy/ Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • After installing KawaiiWorld APK, run the KawaiiWorld app and enjoy now!

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