All about the Notifications of the Instagram app

This section will guide you all about the Notifications of the Instagram app.


Instagram is an awesome platform that allows users to only post photos and videos alongside approaching more different content which is useful and cannot be found in the other apps.

Using other apps, you will receive the Instagram notifications even though you are using which devices like Android or iPhone or desktop. These notifications will give you the latest news about the new follower or just the notification you have set up.

Now, we will show you all things about the notification of this app. Follow these steps to get the best setting you desire.

All about the Notifications of the Instagram app
All about the Notifications of the Instagram app

On desktop

  • Access your Instagram account
  • Click on your profile on the top of the screen and see the “Setting” option. Tap it.
  • Click on “Push Notifications” and set up the notification you want to get or not such as likes, comments, follows, your friend on Instagram or Instagram Direct, the first post, and the story. There will be an example for you that you could consider to get or not this kind of notification.

On your mobile devices

  • Access to the Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap to your profile, at the bottom of the screen, there will be a small dot with your profile picture
  • On the right side of your profile, there will be a section with three dashes. This will show more options for you such as your archive, activities, or nametag.
  • Tap on the “Setting” option.
  • Tap on “Notifications” and start to set up the notification we want such as “Post, Stories and Comments”, “Following and Followers”, and many more options.


These are all about the Notifications of the Instagram app that we could show you. Instagram is amazing so let get the best experience by choosing to receive which notification. If possible, please share it with your friends and connect with Facebook to use it more effectively.

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