Google Video Calls (Hangouts): Troubleshooting Audio and Video

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This part will show you Google Video Calls (Hangouts): Troubleshooting Audio and Video

One of the most outstanding functions of Google Hangouts is to make a video call with your friends any time you like. However, sometimes, there will be some bugs that happen during your meeting. Thus, this section will show you how to check bugs and fix them.

Check the connection before the meeting

Assure all your devices are safely linked and toggled on. Some microphones get the mute buttons, containing some headsets. Assure that the microphone is toggled on. You could check your own sound before another gets in the meeting

  • Tap the Video Call link to begin the meeting, yet do not tap “Enter the Meeting
  • Tap on “More Option” icon close to the downer right corner of the video interface

  • Tap Settings; a box with settings for the microphone, camera, and speakers will pop up
  • Assure that the microphone and speaker settings show the speaker and microphone selection that you will be utilizing for the call
  • Tap Test close to the speaker icon. You ought to hear a sound, particularly a mobile ringing.

Note: if you are using the headphones or different microphone device, you could tap the gray triangle close to the device and view the device that you will be using for the meeting. Also, if you don’t hear a sound, continue with the following troubleshooting steps

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Check the video call settings

  • In the video call interface, hover your mouse until  you view the control icons at the lowest of the monitor
  • Click “More Options”, then choose Settings

  • Select the particular selection for the camera

If you are using a USB headset with the microphone, you ought to view a selection like “USB headset” for microphone and speakers

If your only selection is “Default devices”, end the Hangout and entire out of the browser, inspect that your devices are linked precisely, and then reboot the browser and re-login the Hangouts.

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Check audio settings in Windows

Varying any of these settings could ask you to reboot your browser

The details here could change with various versions of Windows, thus if your computer does not tell certainly the similar thing, find out something the same.

  • Right-click the volume controller (speaker icon) on the bottom right in the taskbar. This pops up the Sound dialog box.
  • On the Playback tab:

Choose the accurate device

Tap Set Default at the lower. You should have a green tick mark on the device when you have established it as default.

  • Duplicate step 2 on the Recording tab
  • Click OK
  • Re-login your video call


We have shown some steps to begin a Google Hangouts Video Call: Troubleshooting Video Call. We all hope these steps will be useful for you all the time. Using Google Hangouts is the handiest way to talk with your friends, thus do not let some small bugs prevent your meeting or your call anymore.

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