How to Access Instagram on a PC

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In this section, we will show you to know How to Access Instagram on a PC. There will be two ways to get on Instagram on PC: access via the website and through Bluestacks.


Instagram, as you know a famous social network which supplies various content with photos and videos such as celebs, sports, fashion, etc. by using Instagram, you could upload your photos or videos with privacy or public mode, get the notifications from the accounts you interested in.

Now, you could use Instagram on many devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, or PC. Below are two ways to access Instagram on PC that you could apply to get Instagram on the bigger screen.

The first way: Access Instagram by using your browser

  • Open your browser such as Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • On the search bar, access www (copy and delete the space to access Instagram)
  • Now, type your email or number phone and password to access your account

That’s done. These are several simple steps that help you access your account on PC through your browser. That supplies you to use Instagram with a bigger screen.

Access Instagram on a PC
Access Instagram on a PC

The second way: Access Instagram by using Bluestacks simulator

  • Make sure that you have installed Bluestacks on your PC
  • Open Bluestacks
  • On  the Android Tab, search for Instagram
  • Tap on Install and wait for the download (Tap Accept if prompted to begin the download)
  • Tap on Open when the installation has been finished. Instagram will open instantly
  • Log in to your Instagram account. If you are using Facebook, you could use it to link with your Instagram account.

That’s done. Now you could use Instagram on your PC without using the browser. This is similar to the Instagram interface on Android devices.


We have shown you two simple ways to access Instagram on a PC. We hope that it is useful for you. Instagram is an awesome network; so if possible, you could share it with your friends to interact on this social network.

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