How to Transfer Files in Facebook Messenger

This section will show the users How to Transfer File in Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Messenger is quite a popular app when it is a standalone app with official Facebook. It allows the users to send messages, files, or voices even though they do not log in to account on the Facebook app. Thanks to the handy functions, it is gradually used more in the world.

Transferring files is also the outstanding feature that Facebook Messenger supplied. We will guide you with some steps to start this action

How to transfer the file in Facebook Messenger on PC

Transfer Files in Facebook Messenger
Transfer Files in Facebook Messenger
  • On Facebook’s menu bar at the top, choose the messages icon. This icon possesses a lighting illustration and next to the “Friend Request” icon. Thus, it is easy to find out the icon.
  •  A drop-down menu will pop up. This menu will not include all your messages previously, yet just the current messages. If the contact you will desire to share the file with is not among the current contacts shown on this drop-down menu, choose “See All In Messenger” to have a full-screen window interface of the entire communication threads
  • On the left side of the Messenger window, you will view the whole contacts that are linked with you on the Messenger. You could move the cursor on the right side of the left contacts part to have a scroll bar. Utilize this scroll bar to roll down the list of contacts. You could also look for a particular contact utilizing the Search feature at the peak of this left contacts part.
  • After choosing the contact which you want to share the file with, inspect at the bottom of this interface. Some icons will be shown. To inspect the function of each of these icons, move the cursor over the icon. The initial icon on this interface will allow you to send files; meanwhile, the different icons get options for stickers, GIFs, games, and emojis. Because your key goal is to deliver files, choose the “Send File” icon.
  • After tapping the “Send File” your PC will run a desktop interface for you to scan the files you desire to share. You could choose some files all at the same time or deliver one file once. After choosing the files you desire to share click “Open” to post these files to the Facebook Messenger interface. Tapping “Send” will ignite the file sharing process. When the files are sent, you will view a blue tick below the interface of the delivered file.
  • The recipient will be capable of seeing picture files right on their message platform. For non-picture files like PDFs and word documents, the user will ask to download these files and see them using an accurate app established on their PC.


If you are in trouble finding a method to Transfer File in Facebook Messenger, this guide will be a way for you to go. Get this guide and if possible, share it with your friends.

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