FamiSafe for iphone

FamiSafe is a pretty popular parenting control app for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 because it lets you browse the history of your child’s smartphone. You can check all the websites they have visited and how much time they spend on each site. It is obvious that this app is a useful tool that supports parents a lot to manage your children effectively.

FamiSafe for iphone
FamiSafe for iphone

Some features of FamiSafe for iPhone

This app is developed for iOS flatform with location tracking that is encrypted by an advanced algorithm. This thing will make the contribution to help it track location and locate with high accuracy, thanks to the use of GPS, Wi-Fi, or even a mobile network provider to be able to track the location more accurately. Now with this app, it is no important wherever you are, you also can capture your child’s journey.
Besides that, this app also allows you to view the history and access calls made on that device. That is the reason why this app will be suitable for parents who want to manage their children’s phone usage. They can do it easily with the feature of setting screen time limits and ensuring the phone will not be used for a while study or sleep.

The special thing about FamiSafe is that you can easily block inappropriate websites like gambling or porn on that iPhone. So don’t need to worry about your child is affected by those sites.

It is obvious that this app can support multiple platforms to be able to access any devices without any problem. The only thing you have to do is installing this app on the device of the person you want to locate and open the same account that is logged into the app on your iPhone.

It is no doubt that FamiSafe is the best free mobile phone tracking and locating application available today, they let you know where the device you are tracking is. From that, you can control them effectively. So please install this app for your iPhone and try now. You certainly satisfy with it.



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