Call Recorder for iPhone

Call Recorder for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 is the call recording application that is full of features and supports the users to make the chats through the Voice Over IP and record them on the iPhone. This app also allows you to record international calls without an installation requirement. The users can open this app and make the first call.

Some specialty of Call Recorder for iPhone

  • With this app, users also can playback the recorded files on the phone through the speaker or handset. Besides that, you can share them by email, iMessage even Air Dropped to an iPhone or Mac OS X computer.
  • Because all of the calls will be made through Voice Over IP so you don’t need to pay any fee for them. However, it will use the monthly network capacity so if you want to use this app, please check if your device has internet or not.
  • One thing that you have to notice is that you do not need to buy Call Recorder for iOS to make calls because the app gives you free credits when installing the app for the first time.
  • It is a wonderful app that allows users to record both outgoing and incoming calls. As soon as you make a call, you just need to touch the record button and the app will dial the recording number, then merge the call to start recording. In case you want to record outgoing calls, you need to dial the recording number first and then dial the number of the person whom you want to talk to and merge the calls to record. It is obvious that the manipulation of this app is quite simple.
Call Recorder for iPhone
Call Recorder for iPhone

Call Recorder for iPhone is a useful app for the people who want to keep the important voice that means for their lives. If you want to get great experiences when using this app, please download and try it now.



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