Facebook for iPhone

Facebook for iPhone is one of the most popular social websites today. This is the foundation allowing people to be freedom in building and widening personal relationships in the simplest way. Besides that, this app also adds today’s birthday notification panel and many functions that support a lot for human’s demands.

Facebook for iPhone
Facebook for iPhone

The special function of Facebook for iPhone

Now there are over 1 billion users of this app around the world. Although you are a child or old person, everybody loves it because of its functions:

  • It allows users to update their status. When you feel happy or satisfy with something, you can get your friend know throughout this app. It will not the difficulty to make the relationship become closer when you use Facebook.
  • Besides that, it also has the ability to edit the status when the network connection lost. At that time, the status will be posted automatically as soon as the iOS device has internet access. Moreover, this app also improves the loading speed of the New Feed on tablets or old versions of the device.
  • This app also supports you to leave the comment on your friend’s status. Showing the concerning about others will never a challenge. If you want to change something in your comments, you also edit them again and tap to see all the changes made by you easily.
  • When using this app for iPhone, you can tap the lower part of the screen to access text messages, notification…

With the benefit that Facebook for iPhone brings to the users that is the reason why it is one of the most popular social websites in the world. Along with Twitter and MySpace, this app made the contribution to creating the best entertainment for humans. So please download it for iPhone and try. You certainly will not disappointed about them.



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