Facebook++ for iPhone

Facebook ++ 145.0 for iPhone is the modification that allows you to turn off the notification for the read messages and use in-app messages without Messager, save video… It is considered as the full- features mod in every aspect of the Facebook app and it is right in the app too.

Facebook++ for iPhone
Facebook++ for iPhone

The specialty of Facebook++ for iPhone

  • With this mod, you can copy the video to the clipboard to paste and send it to anybody easily. Besides that, you also can save and download your album to watch offline conveniently.
  • As I mentioned above, now you can chat directly with your friend without downloading Messager. You know this Messager can waste so much in your capacity. That is the reason why in some cases, using it will make your device work more slowly. Now, with this mod, you can send the message to your friends easier and faster.
  • Moreover, you can control the message throughout the function of displaying the time to send and receive messages for all of the messages.
  • If you don’t want your friend to know you are online. You can choose the stealth mode to turn off the online status and location. Nobody can see you, this means that you will not be bothered by anyone.
  • Thanks to this mod,  you can download the videos easily. The only thing you have to do is clicking to the download button and this mod will support you.
  • Sometime, you will be tired of it because you have to watch many videos that you don’t want to watch when surfing the new feed. Now with this mod, you totally can turn off the automatic video playback to avoid this problem.

Facebook++ for iPhone sc

It is obvious that this is a useful mod for the devices that work on the iOS platform. So please install it and experience it today. Facebook++ for iPhone absolutely does not make you disappoint.


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