Houseparty for iPhone

Houseparty 1.49.5 for iPhone is the video calling and messaging application similar to Facebook, Zalo that gets the favorite of many people around the world. This app also allows you to make the video call with 8 people at the same time and add friends through many forms such as Facebook, personal profile URL… With the variety of connecting way, the popularity of this app is easy to understand.

Houseparty for iPhone
Houseparty for iPhone

Some specialty of Houseparty iPhone

  • This app was released in 2016 as a video call service with extra features like gaming and puzzle. The developer of this game is Epic Games– the company that owns the current Fortnite game.
  • You can do a lot of things with this app such as viewing the list of friends who online to make the voice call or video calls to them. Besides that, you also will have a useful tool that helps you to relax after a hard-working day throughout its game and puzzle. When you log in to this app, you can chat with other people without start the call button.
  • Your fun will start when you chat with your friends. You can choose from a lot of games in the list of chats such as Heads Up, Quick Draw… These game will bring to you the great experiences when using this app
  • Besides that, this app also combines with Facemail that is the reason why the video messages will open automatically when you start up your app. This will make your manipulation become more simple.

Houseparty iPhone is really a wonderful app for the people who love the interaction with others. Wherever you are, you can use this app to contact to your friends easily. This app supports many different platforms not only iOS, but also Android, Mac OS, and Windows. That is the reason why it is a useful app that you should not miss in the future.



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