IGTV for iPhone

IGTV 162.0 for iPhone is the new feature that allows you to see and up the and post vertical videos on Instagram by standalone iOS. This application is a useful tool for businesses to connect with their potential customers better that is the reason why it is more and more popular around the world. Besides that, this app also allows you to film the vertical videos that are longer than those of stories and create the panel to bring the subscribers.

IGTV for iPhone
IGTV for iPhone

Some specialty of IGTV for iPhone

  • Thanks to this app you can follow any contacts that you have followed on Instagram. Besides that, this app also can show the videos that you can be interested in. It can do that based on your searching history.
  • It is built and developed based on the behavior of social media users to swipe the screen vertically up so the video will be displayed vertically. That is the reason why you will have the real feeling when using this app for watching the videos.
  • Besides that, unlike on Instagram all of the videos are limited to 1 minute, the time for the videos on this app can last for hours.
  • Moreover, the video will be played as soon as you open the app, you don’t need to search or select the video to be played anymore. These features make your manipulation become more simple.
  • If you are a person who wants to become more famous on social websites, this app is the best choice for you. You also can create any channels by yourself and everybody also can leave the comments for you too.
  • Finally, this app will also collect the accounts you like and follow on Instagram to display their videos.

IGTV for iPhone is really a fantastic application for the people who want to find convenience in manipulation. With the benefits, this app certainly will become more popular in the future.



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