Akinator the Genie Free for iPhone

Akinator the Genie Free is an entertaining game for the iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 with a mind-reading style. In this game, you have to answer a few questions or think about a real or fictional character. After that Akinator will judge and tell you exactly who it is. This is interesting for you to relax after a hard-working day.

About Akinator the Genie Free for iPhone

This game is more psychological and allows users to control the game. So if you are the person who doesn’t like the action or shooting game, the interesting advice for you is trying this game. If you want to know the genie really as talented as in the story or not, please try this game and experience.

Besides that, the gameplay of this game is also simple. The only thing you have to do is only think of any character and then will answer each question of Genie.

Moreover, Akinator the Genie Free also has systematically narrowed down possible choices until the genie is ready to come up with the answer. In the case the guess of the genie is right, of course, you can choose to continue with more challenges. If it wrong, the system on your iPhone will offer 2 options: continue or quit. Please remember to answer the question of genie accurately, that will help the genie can give the right guess.

Some features of Akinator the Genie Free for iPhone

Now you can play this game on iOS flatform without any limitation. Every day, please try your genius with 5 mysterious characters to earn more Geniz character customization. You certainly have more wonderful experiences with the support from this feature.

Akinator the Genie Free for iPhone
Akinator the Genie Free for iPhone

Even that, the genie also can guess the member of your family thanks MyWorld feature. Although they don’t play this game, they also can do it easily.

Finally, with the Geniz collected, you can unlock and play on many new, more eye-catching platforms, and even customize the Akinator to become different kinds of character.

Akinator the Genie Free certainly brings to you more wonderful moments with your iPhone. Let’s play and try the genie’s talent. You absolutely surprise about it.


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