Bible for iPhone

Bible is a utility for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 that brings the bible to users through some features such as reading the content and creating bookmarks, adding notes to bookmarks. This app provides a number of essential features that are easy to use arranged in a neat and intuitive interface, and more wonderful experiences are waiting for you in the future. This is a useful app that you should try immediately.

Some information about the Bible for iPhone

Now you can easily exploit and grasp the entire content and teachings hidden in each holy book page. It is obvious that this app is a useful tool for forming human personality and knowledge. Using this app every day will give you the chance to perfect yourself.

Besides that, this app also helps you to share bible documents, create bookmarks, and help with searching text, look up the dictionary, create notes. With this app, everything becomes more simple for you and you even can manipulate easily with this app.

The simple interface is also the strong point of the Bible for the iPhone. It is divided into a menu, a search bar, a bookmark and text viewer, and a number of navigation joystick. Moreover, this app enables users to browse other books through the integrated buttons and copy content into other documents. If you don’t know the meaning of some words you also can search in the application’s database easily.

It will allow users to save personal notes and important passages to bookmarks, customize the font, font size, font pattern, and font color or add new categories, enter the bookmark name or insert text and characters into bookmarks.

Bible for iPhone
Bible for iPhone

You certainly don’t feel bored when learning on the Bible app. That is the reason why you should download this app for your iPhone and try now. You absolutely understand why it becomes more and more popular in the iOS users’ community.


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