ClassDojo for iPhone

ClassDojo Free Download For iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 is a small online classroom that aims to promote students’ learning as well as increase the connection between parents and the school. It is also considered as an educational communication platform between the school and students and their families. Through this platform, parties can track and participate in each other’s activities. This is a useful app that you should download for your iPhone in the future.

Some features of ClassDojo for iPhone

This app will provide the feature of rewarding or subtracting emulation points. This feature will help the teachers to build your foundation of class. Of courses, with this app, teachers can create a full range of rules, incentives, and rewards. And every time a teacher rewards or reminds a student, this information will show up on the parent’s phone.

In this app for iOS, there is a page for teachers to update class activities every day. Now the contact with parents will become easier with the texting function. It is obvious that this feature is also a wonderful idea for the parents’ group.

Besides that, ClassDojo for iPhone also has some different features such as randomly selecting a student’s name that will support dividing the exercises or creating a countdown timer… Moreover, it also has very good videos to support student learning that you have full control to use, students will surely love this.

The special thing about this app is that this app gives you the necessary privacy. Only parents, teachers in the class have access to the Class Story of that class, to view information, teacher posts, and to chat and comment on the information. Now parents don’t need to worry that a student’s image is being brought up publicly, and may be used by someone with a malicious purpose.

ClassDojo for iPhone
ClassDojo for iPhone

Now with the benefits of ClassDojo, you can get more convenience when teaching and learning. That is the reason why you should install this app for your iPhone to experience the advantages of it in the future.

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