Duolingo for iPhone

If you are finding the tool that can help you to learn a language on your iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 effectively, Duolingo is the best choice for you. This is the easiest website to use, it makes learning a new language a lot more fun. So please download and try!

Duolingo for iPhone
Duolingo for iPhone

About Duolingo for iPhone

This website is so friendly and interactive. Obviously, it will make learning a new language both simple and enjoyable. So you don’t feel bored like learning in the traditional way.  In addition to text, this app uses users’ own microphones and speakers to teach speaking and listening to different languages.

Of course, there are a lot of lessons in this app such as Basics, Phrases, Food, Present, Adjectives, Plurals… so you can choose any lesson that is suitable for your demand. Lessons include image, text, and sound. You can sometimes speak into the microphone to test your speaking and pronunciation skills. With this feature, your speaking skill will be improved a lot when learning.

Besides that, this app has a test option, it will be beneficial for both those who need to improve language skills and someone completely new to the language.

Moreover, Duolingo for iPhone also has a section called Stories that allow you to read small stories in the language you are learning and then take a story quiz to see how much you understand. This is also the way for you to summarize the knowledge that you have obtained.

Should learners use Duolingo for iPhone to learn a language?

The websites and apps are super user friendly that ensures you don’t get confused when using them on iOS. It is obvious that this is so wonderful for you to use this app because learning a language is already so difficult.

You even can quickly submit answers, play a sound, scroll through a list, choose multiple choice answers easily because this app is designed with many keyboard shortcuts that make your manipulation become faster and more simple.

Duolingo for iPhone
Duolingo for iPhone

Finally, this is one of the great tools for learning a new language. With the sounds, images, and text, combined with learners’ own voices, this app helps focus more on the learning process and get a higher result in learning.

With the many reasons mentioned above, it is obvious that Duolingo is worth for the learners using on their iPhone. Hope you have wonderful learning moments when using this app.



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