Google Play Music For iphone

Google Play Music is an online music service and an online music store for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 released by Google. Now only with one Google account, you can listen to and download up to 50,000 songs to the device without any fee. If you are a person who loves music, please download this app to enjoy music anytime you want.

Google Play Music For iphone
Google Play Music For iphone

Some special features of Google Play Music for iPhone

This app is part of Google Play focused on an online music storage service. That is the reason why you can copy your music collection from your hard drive to the cloud storage on Google Music by downloading the application to your hard drive. Besides that, this app also can run in the background and upload music from any folder you want, including the iTunes music folder. So you certainly have more wonderful experiences when using this app.

Whenever there is a connection to the internet, users can stream music files from all of their music collections. Obviously, you don’t always have a constant internet connection, so the most played files are downloaded to your device for offline listening. This feature will ensure for you to be able to listen to music in some cases or somewhere with no internet.

The special thing about Google Play Music for iPhone is that when uploading music from iTunes, the playlist will follow you. Thanks to this feature, you can easily create multiple playlists and create an “instant mix” of songs based on selected songs.

Even that, with this app, you can also edit the lyrics and add their own lyrics if you find something wrong or simply listen carefully and type quickly.

Google Play Music For iphone
Google Play Music For iphone

Google Play Music is really the best choice for those who love music. That is the reason why please download this app for your iPhone to immerse yourself in melodious tunes and have moments of relaxation for yourself. In that time you will understand why this app is received more favorites from theĀ iOS users’ community.


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