Clash Royale for iPhone

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Clash Royale for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 is a competitive multiplayer strategy game based on Supercell’s movies- Clash of Clans. Your responsibility in this game is that you have to join the battles in order to make your fortress safe. This may be a difficult task for you.

Some tips for playing Clash Royale for iPhone

  • If you are the person who has just start playing this game, you have to study the kind of soldiers. If you can know more about them, you will know how to make use of their power easily. This thing will play an important role in the victory. Besides that, this game also adds some new soldiers such as Princes, Knights, and Baby Dragons that is the reason why you have to learn about them before you start playing this game.
  • You need to use Elixir in a suitable way. You know that the Elixir is quite important in this game, but the number of it is limited. So you have to use it reasonably to save them for the attack on the next levels.
  • The advice for you is that you should not attack first. It is obvious that, if your enemies attack you first, you can find out the way to attack them against easily. If you can choose the right way to defeat them, you can save more resources.
  • You need to collect gold every time. This is the thing that is necessary for you to upgrade the construction and soldiers. So you have to collect it as much as possible. Besides that, if you complete each task, you will be got the gold as a gift. So please try your best.
Clash Royale for iPhone
Clash Royale for iPhone

There are also more tips that help you to become the winner in this game. It is np doubt that this game is the best choice for those who love strategy game style. You can download Clash Royale for iPhone from the iOS App Store to get the great experiences that this game can bring to you.



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