Afterlight for iphone

Afterlight is the mobile application photo editing for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 with many editing tools, filters, and color frames in line with current trends. It also provides you provides a full range of photo editing tools from simple cropping to extremely professional and artistic color filters.  After you’re satisfied with the edited photo, you can immediately share it with your friends on social networks. This is really an interesting app that you should not miss in the future.

Some main features of Afterlight for iPhone

This app has a lot of unique filters. You can use the library with nearly 150 beautiful color filters, constantly updated with new colors. These color filters are designed with famous photographers in mind, that is the reason why you will be addicted when editing photos on this app.

Thanks to advanced adjustments, now you can edit your photos with precision by touch gestures. It is obvious that this app will make your manipulation become easier.

With the feature of text and overview of Afterlight for iPhone, this is more simple for you to add a finishing touch to your photos with light trails like old kokak cameras, natural dust trails, and techniques like film cameras.

Please add borders or apply an instant film frame, using your own preset colors or images as the background to adjust your photos as the final edit.

Finally, there are more than 120 hand-selected beautiful fonts and 150+ default design fonts in this app. Thanks to it, you can easily create beautiful photos. Please make and show them to your friends!

Afterlight for iphone
Afterlight for iphone

Afterlight has brought you the best and easiest photo editing tools to use with just one click. To save more time from editing photos, you please download this app for your iPhone and try to understand why this app is more and more popular in the iOS users’ community. You certainly like it.



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