B612 for iphone

B612 is the application that makes it possible to take selfies wherever you are. With the free download of this app to your iPhone 7/8/10/11/12, you can unleash your creativity to edit your photos, loved ones, or anyone of your favorite pictures without the need for professional photo editing software today.

Like most other apps, this software also allows you to share photos quickly and easily on social networks Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram. With this app, you can easily share the wonderful moments that are shown through pictures without any limitation. So please download and try!

Some main features of B612 for iPhone

With this app, you can record the portrait easily. All you need to do is touch and hold the iOS touchscreen to start recording. Your video will be adorable in 3 or 6 seconds of close-up shot with cute expressions in a flash and with engaging sound. Now you can free to save videos about yourself without any limitation.

Even if you do not know which filter to choose, the random filter will be the best choice for you. Now you only need to press the Random button to let B612 for iPhone select the photo filter you use most and apply directly to the camera.

Besides that, the Vignette feature makes the edges darker and at the same time makes the main subject stand out in the photo. The border blur effect will adjust according to the filter used on the image that will give you more interesting experiences when edit photos.

Moreover, this app also supports you to create a hologram. Thanks to this app, you can express different facial expressions such as happy, sad, angry, cute face … and then merge them into the same photo composition.

B612 for iphone
B612 for iphone

With the benefits of B612, that is worth you downloading this app for your iPhone and try now. You certainly will have more beautiful photos and videos to show off to everybody. Hope you satisfy with this app.


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