BoothCool – Fun party booth for iphone

BoothCool- Fun party booth is an application for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 that uses facial recognition technology to bring you interesting experiences when taking pictures. The special thing about this app is that it owns 4 filters and 8 face image effects and many other attractive functions that will give you the chance to create a lot of beautiful photos. That is the reason why you should not miss this app in the future.

BoothCool - Fun party booth for iphone
BoothCool – Fun party booth for iphone

Some features of BoothCool- Fun party booth for iPhone

Thanks to this app, you can enjoy taking a series of 4 shots with the 2×2 or 4×1 size and choose to use the front or rear cameras as you like. Besides that, this app also supports locating the location to take pictures and place them in your photo. This is a wonderful feature that can help you to control all of the photos in your albums easily.

Even, if you travel alone and have more difficulties in taking photos, BoothCool- Fun party booth for iPhone will help you to solve this problem easily by the feature of a countdown of 3 seconds before taking pictures. So that is so convenient for you to pose the best, to have the best shots at the moment. Now you can take more beautiful photos by only yourselves.

Besides that, this app also has a lot of other professional-quality features such as 4 popular filters including Normal, Magic Hour, Black and White, and Vignette filters. Moreover, with 8 interesting face image effects with an eye-catching design including Lovestruck, Bird, Bee, Smoking, Dizzy, Angry, Hammer, and Horn, you certainly have more interesting experiences when using this app on iOS devices.

It is obvious that BoothCool- Fun party booth is designed and optimized exclusively for iPhone that can bring to you more quality images with high definition. If you are a person who loves taking photos, please download and try this app now. You certainly satisfy with it!

Get Ready for Fun! Downloading BoothCool on Your iPhone

BoothCool – Fun party booth for iPhone promises to liven up any gathering with its silly filters and photo booth effects. Let’s dive into how to download and start using this app on your iPhone.

Downloading BoothCool:

  1. App Store Launch: Open the App Store app on your iPhone. It’s typically pre-installed and found on your home screen.

  2. Search for BoothCool: Tap the search bar at the bottom of the screen and type in “BoothCool – Fun party booth.”

  3. Locate the App: Look for the app icon, which might show hearts or a photo booth theme. Once you find it, tap to view the app details.

  4. Download and Installation: On the app details page, review features, ratings, and screenshots. If it looks like your party solution, tap “Get” and then confirm your Apple ID password or use Face ID/Touch ID to proceed with the download and installation.

Running BoothCool:

  1. App Launch: Once downloaded, find the BoothCool icon on your home screen and tap to launch the app.

  2. Permissions (Optional): BoothCool might request access to your camera and microphone. These are typically needed for photo-taking and any sound effects within the app. Grant permission if prompted to ensure full functionality.

  3. Exploring Features: BoothCool likely offers various features like photo filters, face-warping effects, and options for creating photo strips. Swipe through the app or tap available buttons to explore these features.

  4. Strike a Pose! Frame yourself within the camera view and choose your desired filter or effect. When ready, tap the capture button to take a photo or create a photo strip.

  5. Sharing the Fun: BoothCool might allow you to save your creations to your phone’s photo library or share them directly on social media platforms. Explore the app’s sharing options to spread the party fun!



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