AppCake for iPhone

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AppCake is an unofficial app store for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 that offers to download and installing unsigned IPA files. You can also download your own IPA files and install them. This is considered one of the best alternatives to the official app store, with thousands of games and apps all for free.

AppCake for iPhone
AppCake for iPhone

Besides that, this app is completely safe to use. You don’t need to jailbreak and you don’t need to use your Apple ID either, so your usage is very safe. And regular updates always keep it safe and free from viruses and malware. That is the reason why you should download and try this app now.

About AppCake for iPhone

In fact, this app will give you apps/games that have been removed from an Apple ID. That is the reason why it plays the role of a normal app market that gives you a chance to experience many kinds of app.

However, to improve AppCake, the developer has integrated additional functionality to support app/game installation by IPA file. You can use this utility to install a paid app/game on the App Store of your iPhone for free, unlocked versions of the app, or get more useful functions than the original version.

Some features of AppCake for iPhone

Now let’s learn about the following features of this app to decide if you should this app for your iOS or not. Even that, if you want to use it, you also don’t be surprised when access to it with the useful introduction below:

AppCake for iPhone
AppCake for iPhone
  • A large number of unofficial apps and games – all for free. Now you can economically  experience this app without any limitation
  • Many games have no advertisements. It is obvious that thanks to this feature you will not be interrupted when enjoying this app
  • Easy to install developer configuration
  • User-friendly interface, simple, easy to navigate. Even that, if you have just started using this app, you also can use it simply and effectively
  • Option to use torrent for fast download.

Of course, there are more different features of this app that you will know when using AppCake on your iPhone. Let’s download and try it now!



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