It is simple to mix and edit music on PC Windows by using AtomixMP3 2.3. Download this music application with a trial version for free!

Mix music with high quality right on your computer


Have you ever wanted to do advanced techniques on music? Do you want to become a real DJ? Whatever it is, you can now always do that thanks to AtomixMP3. It is a unique music application that should be installed on Windows. With it, you will become a real DJ who can edit and play songs.

The app should be a must-use because it comes with a wide range of functions and features. Most of them are quite easy to use, giving you a cool experience. Keep in mind that it functions as a DJ and it also allows you to burn the audio files. Besides, you can mix music to create songs following your own way or even sync the BPM of them. Once you are done with them, you can save them as WAV format files.

What features can you use in AtomixMP3?

Here are the great features that can be found in this music app:

  • You can mix music and edit sounds right on the computer.
  • All mixes will come in high quality even though you are using a low-end computer.
  • It scans all the musical contents that are found on the hard drive in formats like MP3, WAV, and WMA.
  • The app will automatically recognize the BMP of the songs then sync them.
  • You can change the pitch to your likings and save your sessions as WAV format files.

Although AtomixMP3 for PC Windows does not need anything powerful to operate, it is still a strong mixer to use. Maybe it cannot be the best app when it comes to mixing music. However, you are still recommended to try it. You can download the trial version then use it for a basic experience. Hope you have fun editing and mixing music!


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