DJ Audio Editor

As the name implies, DJ Audio Editor is a tool to help you to edit and process Audio audio files for your PC Windows 7/8/10. The special feature of this application is that it also supports many different audio formats including MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC, AIFF… Download this application now to explore it in more detail.

About DJ Audio Editor download for PC Windows

After installing this application, you will be able to edit, edit sounds or even create your own favorite sounds and songs in your own style. It offers hundreds of different sound effects to apply to your music files. Therefore, if you really love making music then there is no reason for you to ignore this interesting application in the future.

This application has a very professional and clear presented interface. Audio is played as a waveform graph or an image spectrum that allows you to edit audio files, perform split, combine, copy, mix music operations, etc. These will obviously be a useful tools for you in the process of creating music.

You can even listen to the tracks again with the effects of your choice, if you feel comfortable, save them. DJ Audio Editor for PC Windows supports saving output audio files to 10 different formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA…

Some features of DJ Audio Editor download for PC Windows

An important first feature that we need to mention when using this application is that it is equipped with powerful filters for files such as Low, High, Band Pass, Notch Filter… and more than 16 effects like Amplify, Add Noise, Delay, Flanger, Chorus… so you can freely apply to your song.

The application also has the ability to keep a work history. You can optionally go back to the old selection steps to change your track in a different style even more or if the track after being saved is still not satisfactory, this is the necessary step for you to can edit it. Working with this application is completely unrestricted.

You can also easily extract, convert and edit audio from your video files. You can have your favorite movies or video clips in audio format, save them on your computer or external hard drive with just a few clicks and enjoy it anywhere. By supporting any video format you will not miss your favorite video.

DJ Audio Editor is a powerful program that allows you to edit your audio files. Therefore, download it for PC Windows to experience today!


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