Hiphop eJay

Hiphop eJay is a musical creation tool for PC Windows 7/8/10. You can download it for free with a trial version and use it to mix songs.

Create, edit, and mix many songs to your likings

You don’t have to have the musical knowledge to make music. It is because there are lots of musical creation tools that help you create sounds. For instance, you can try Hiphop eJay – a musical tool that is specialized in Hip Hop. With this tool, you will find music-making very simple.

Because not all the tools are easy to use, it is probably a bit hard when users have to choose one to try. However, you can be sure of the tool mentioned above. It comes with nice GUIs and provides you with great options to simplify your music-making. The tool completely focuses on music composition. Hence, it will help you make songs without any complications.

Here is a simple guide on making music using this application:

  • First, you need to drag a sample on a track.
  • The tool will begin to fit the tempo and tone of the song.
  • Whatever elements you want to use for the songs, you need to drag them all.
  • Wait until the song is done, then you can play it.

Unique features of Hiphop eJay

Every musical creation tool has a different set of features, and so does this one:

  • The GUIs are quite good, well-organized, and easy to use.
  • You will have a nice environment as well as a quick method to make songs without taking much time.
  • There is a song-writing system in this app using its loops library. This allows making songs easily.
  • There is also a rhythm box you can use for making your own beats.
  • Other features you can explore are bass synthesizer, audio editor that has chop and time-stretching, poly synthesizer, and DJ Decks. Make use of them for scratching your samples!

Hiphop eJay for PC Windows is an amazing program for composing music. For a full experience, you have to buy the full version of it. However, you can still try downloading its trial version that is free to install.


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