Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab is an application that helps train your music-recording/editing skills. Download it now to PC Windows 7/8/10!

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

You can make changes to any recordings for the sharpest sound possible

Many years ago, people were quite into listening to music through LPs and cassettes. However, these ancient analogue systems were left behind due to the modern digital audio and new formats. Nowadays, not many people use LPs or cassettes to enjoy music. They tend to use MP3 that is more practical. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the old analogue systems are completely useless. In fact, you can completely modernize them by using an application called Magix Audio Cleaning Lab. This app is all you need because it lets you edit, record, and make changes to any recordings from an analogical input device.

The main purpose of the app is to help you restore all types of music you already have on your cassette. Thanks to this, the music will be digitized and it will sound much better. Using cassettes to enjoy music is still a good way even though there are lots of advanced music players nowadays. Therefore, if you have a demand for recovering music on cassettes, then try the app now.

What does Magix Audio Cleaning Lab bring you?

This cool application brings you some basic yet good features:

  • The interface is quite intuitive. Therefore, you can use the app without having to know about audio editing.
  • It is easy to capture the section of audio that you want to edit and fix.
  • There are means of processes for you to use to eliminate some disturbances relating to clipping, noisy vinyl, and audio.
  • You can easily tune the volume of the song as well as add equalizer effects to it.
  • The app supports some formats that you can use for the resulting file, like MP3 for instance.

Now, you know that digitizing songs on cassettes and LPs is not a hard thing. All you can do is using the functions and features above to restore the songs. Download Magix Audio Cleaning Lab for PC Windows free with a trial version!



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