Melodyne Download For PC Windows 7/8/10 is an advanced audio editor integrated with modern technology. Hence, people can change audio into MIDI easily.

Handling all audio files is much simpler than before


Editing audio is such an easy thing these days. It is all thanks to a multitude of audio editors developed by various smart technology companies in the world. Therefore, you have plenty of options when it comes to audio editors. If you want to try one, then you should choose Melodyne. It is one of the best vocal correction applications used by lots of users.

The element that makes this audio editor an ideal one to try is Direct Note Access which is a modern type of technology. Thanks to that, you will find it easy to convert audio into MIDI. This technology will analyze all audio files then divide them into music notes. With tonality detection algorithm, you can divide a WAV-formatted recording into music notes by just figuring out the harmonic content. This is quite useful to edit singer vocals as well as melodies. If you are a music producer, you are recommended to try this audio editor. It is because it provides you with nice options and features to change the audio files. By using this tool, you can easily and flexibly handle all types of audio files.

What can Melodyne implement?

The audio editor can perform a wide range of functions such as:

  • It edits and sharpens all audio files.
  • It helps you handle as well as convert all melodies easily.
  • You are allowed to change audio into MIDI.
  • It lets you edit faults in a manual way.
  • You can even adjust the tonality.
  • The length of the notes is also subject to change. You can stretch or shorten it.
  • The audio editor allows you to approximate the material with many templates.
  • You will achieve nice timing in your recordings.

Now, you can completely make and edit your audio files easily using Melodyne for PC Windows. Although the application is not free to fully download, you can still use it through a trial version. The trial version lets you enjoy all functions and features for 30 days. Try it now!



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