microKORG Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a MIDI software editor for microKORG XL users. You can handle this instrument on the computer easily.


A handy management tool by KORG

For your information, KORG is a company that has succeeded in launching some musical hardware. The company also has given some good solutions in terms of music to music composers. Among their products, it seems that MicroKORG XL synthesizer draws the attention of people a lot. This is all due to its exclusive features. Hence, it has become a great choice when it comes to tools for making and playing music. One of the best things about this product is that it comes with MicroKORG XL Sound Editor. If you decide to download it, you will approach the software made by KORG. This software allows you to control all programs as well as handle your instrument’s data on the computer. You can make use of its screen for better operations.

Once you have owned the sound editor mentioned above, then, make sure you also download microKORG. It is regarded as a kind of software editor for controlling and assigning MIDI. In other words, you will be able to make changes to the controls as well as MIDI assignations of this instrument. This changing process can be done on your computer screen easily. You simply link the device, launch the program, then, handle its controls.

Features of microKORG

Here are the features of this music software editor, including:

  • It uses various filters, for instance, Low Pass, Band Pass, as well as High Pass.
  • There are also some effects for you to use, including ensemble, digital delay, phaser, and flange. You can apply them to some external signals as well.
  • For the unit, you have two individual LFOs as well as six various waveforms. You use them for making more complicated modulations.

microKORG on Windows is a necessary tool for editing sounds and MIDI maps. You can download the tool for free. However, prior to the use, you need to already have a ZIP compatible compressor for the tool to function.



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