MIDI Editor

MIDI Editor Download For PC Windows 7/8/10 is a program for editing audio files. You can use it to create music pieces through a free-to-download trial version.

All MIDI melodies are editable and changeable on a computer

MIDI Editor
MIDI Editor

Before you use the application, you should learn some basic information about MIDI. It stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is known as a protocol. The function of it is to display the way the physical communications must be formed between systems. Also, it shows the way the information must be dispatched between them.

Therefore, thanks to the system in MIDI, you can make your own music on your computer easily. Not only that, but you can also play your created songs on artificial sound generators. If you are in need of a strong app that helps you make MIDI files, then you should try MIDI Editor. You can make use of this program to make new tunes in your own way or change the existing ones. Everything will be one in a simple and intuitive way. Hence, you will find the app very easy to use.

What does MIDI Editor feature?

This audio editor is more useful due to having a multitude of cool features to use, for instance:

  • It allows you to edit, record, as well as play MIDI files easily.
  • You can link to any MIDI port.
  • There are plenty of instruments for you to choose from. You can use them to make your own melodies and tones.
  • You can add or remove notes, or even expand their duration too.
  • The notes can be used with lots of tracks.
  • You can edit lots of elements such as tracks, channels, as well as MIDI events.
  • The app also allows you to visualize the control changes in your own way.
  • There are even automatic updates applied to the app.
  • After creating your own files, you can play them on a website or a mobile phone.

MIDI Editor for PC Windows comes with a trial version. You can download this trial version for free and use it for 20 days. Take this chance to edit your audio files and create your own music! Have fun!



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