The trial version of Mixcraft is now available to download for PC Windows 7/8/10. It is an audio mixer with lots of loops and effects.

An audio mixer for both newbies and professionals


Although simplicity and quality are usually opposed to each other, this still does not happen to Mixcraft. It is known as a strong and useful audio mixer made by Acoustica. You use this app for mixing, recording, as well as making your own audio files. Unlike other apps, this one is suitable for both beginners and professionals due to its unique features and functions.

In this program, you will use musical instruments to play your sounds, like classic keyboards or samples of an orchestra. Not only that, but you can approach a bunch of loops with lots of sound effects. It also features some music backgrounds. You can utilize all of them in any recordings. You don’t need to have musical knowledge or experience in this field. It is because you will obtain great results in making music if you use this program.

Mixcraft makes your experience much better thanks to a multitude of features it provides

Here are all the features you can experience in this program:

  • It contains six thousand sound effects as well as loops built into lots of music styles.
  • There are eleven virtual instruments for you to use.
  • You can record and create as many audio tracks as you want.
  • The program also fits the common specifications of the MIDI format.
  • You also have many effects that are configurable, for instance, the improvement of lows and highs, choruses, echoes, and reverb.
  • You have a tool to record music and edit the video. Hence, you can make samples of static images and videos with various effects.

It is true to say that music is kind of necessary to have in life. Therefore, it will be great for you to make your own music and play it whenever you want. Mixcraft for PC Windows is the application you need. It gives you everything you need for music composition. You can enjoy the app through the trial version that is valid for 14 days.



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