Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a cool app as it allows you to remove the vocal from a song. No more singer’s voice in a song!

It is easy to remove vocals from a song to create an instrumental version

Vocal Remover
Vocal Remover

Do you want to listen to a song without vocals? If yes, then you should install a cool app called Vocal Remover. The main function of this app is to allow you to eliminate all vocals from a song you are listening to. From there on, you will have an instrumental version of that song. Then, you just listen to the music only without lyrics or use it to sing Karaoke if you want.

When you are into a certain beat of a song, it will be great to have that beat only. This is why you need to remove the vocals using the app mentioned above. This is also how you keep the music of your favorite songs. If you want to use the beat to sing Karaoke, make sure you prepare a file in advance, which can be MIDI or KAR.

What are the features of Vocal Remover?

Below here are all the unique features you can use in this vocal-removing app:

  • All vocals of songs are removed when you use this app on your computer.
  • The app has the effect to remove some parts of the songs with a similar frequency range.
  • The interface is quite simple with one button to use. You use this button to use the effect.
  • There is also a bypass button that allows you to track the process used by the app.
  • It is a plug-in for DirectX and can be used with DirectX sounds such as Sound Forge or Cool Edit.
  • After getting the beat of a song, you can use it to sing Karaoke.

Vocal Remover for PC Windows is free to install. To use it, you should also install the DirectX application.


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