Apus Browser

Apus Browser Download For PC is a kind of browser that helps users to install the PC version easily.

A browser usually consumes much data on both smartphones and PC since it has to contain many different features to meet the requirements of the strictest users; however, using this Apus Browser will surprise you. The main affected point that amazed many people who used to use it once is the lightweight. It consumes less data than you imagine while it still runs smoothly. As a result, it costs you little space, which is suitable for all the devices with a small amount of RAM and ROM. However, there is a problem that the PC version is not available, which disappoints many people. Is that really impossible to have a version on the PC? Continue reading, and then you will find the key to install the Apus Browser on PC easily.

the Apus Browser on PC
The Apus Browser on PC

Main features

Many people now think that there is no existing browser that can erase their data right after they close all the current tabs, delete the accessing history, and prevent the users’ information from tracking by hackers. Nevertheless, they change their minds after using this Apus Browser because of many useful and amazing main features. They are as below:

  • You can custom the navigation bar easily thanks to this Apus Browser.
  • The bookmark key is right by your side, so you can click on it to find your data in a simple way.
  • Though now the Internet is covered every time everywhere, many users still have the habit of saving the websites they want to read offline. With this browser, it takes you just a few seconds to add or save any sites you wish to read it later offline.
  • It consumes the data minimum, so it lightens your browser, and your whole PC run smoothly.
  • If you open this Apus Browser every day, you will wish to open in the fastest way. With just one tap, you can now use one finger and tap on the keyboard or your smartphone screen to see that almost immediately, the sites you use day after day will appear in front of your eyes.
  • One more feature that is attracted is that most of the search systems are available.
  • Most of the people read their favorite pages every morning to update the news globally. Traditionally, they do the same steps every sing day. Open the browser, type on the search bar name of the site they need to access, then tap on it. They do those procedures so many that they don’t realize that it wastes time. Don’t worry. This browser will fix it. You will find the shortcuts menus wherever on your screen, so you can save a few more minutes and reaccess the site you need easily. It is saving-time and efficiency.

How to download

Though it won many people’s hearts, there is a big question which confused a lot: the official website of Apus Browser still has no plan to release any PC version of this. Despite the popularity of smartphones, people still use the laptop and PC every day, especially for working and studying. Therefore, a lot of users really need a PC version so that they don’t have to find another browser to work on PC. Besides, if there is any browser that can use both on smartphones and PC, the users will absolutely download it on all their needed devices. Now, there is another way to download this browser with no need for an official version on the website. It requires one more step. The step is extra but straightforward. And please don’t be scared, because it is still legal. These are the simple steps to install the Apus Browser on PC easily.

  • First and foremost, you need an Emulator App. You can choose either Bluestacks or Nox Player to download to the required device.
  • Second, after finishing the first step, the Emulator App is available now, so open the Bluestacks (similar to the Nox Player app).
  • Third, type the word ‘Apus Browser’ on the search bar.
  • Fifth and finally, install the browser on the Google Play Store. When it has done installing, you can use it freely.


Now you have the answer to the question of why this browser is well-known and how to install the Apus Browser on PC easily. Now don’t hesitate, but jump right to the browser has just done downloading to explore the new and helpful features mentioned above as long as the new small features that will definitely impress you.



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