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Dolphin Browser Download For PC is a browser that allows users to install the PC version fast.

Dolphin Browser is one of the browsers that own safe and sound features that quickly impressed the users. Many people once used it on the website, wish to have the PC version to serve the need of works. Thanks to it, the users will increase their productivity to promote and earn a lot of money. Now let’s have a look at this article to find out why it wins the hearts of many people.

Why many people choose the Dolphin Browser for PC? 

Have you heard about the Dolphin Browser? If you haven’t, the text will introduce a shots part for you to understand. The only but biggest weakness of this browser is that it can’t run on the latest operating system now, windows 10. Therefore you will need an emulator to run on Windows 10 platform. It is impossible to find an official version website for the PC version. Because it is created only for smartphones, Android and IOS, but don’t worry, by using Bluestacks, you will find it easier to install the Dolphin Browser fast on PC.

the Dolphin Browser fast on PC
The Dolphin Browser fast on PC

Benefits of Dolphin Browsers

  • You will be charged with no coins to use it. Owning a Dolphin Browser free and get all the main features as your desire.
  • It allows you to get all the custom gestures and access to a website in one link. Then, you can design any gestures to open the website you want immediately without typing any key on your keyboard.
  • This browser is suitable for any users who have the obsess and fear about losing their personal information simple just want no one to know about their daily hobby, activities, care, and happiness thanks to it incognito mode. No matter how many websites you have logged in, how many of the accounts you use. After closing the sites, all your information will immediately disappear with no trail left. Therefore, you have no anxiety the hackers or any current website can attack your browser can take all the information without your permission.
  • For the particular developers¸ you will be surprised by many useful and essential functions added – on.
  • Sharing a web to your social network is so super straightforward with just one click.
  • It is programmed to easily navigate the interface so that all the users can be able to use it.
  • If you are the kind of person who is lazy of tying too much, this browser supports the voice search function for you. Just speak clearly your requirements, then with only one wink, the sites or appliances you want will appear quickly on your screen.
  • The bookmarks system is also focusing on allowing the users to add and arrange the sites you wish to in order and more straightforward.
  • You can be able to save all your files and folders to your Evernote by using the dedicated box. Every time you need to find or save any data you made, it is more quickly and conveniently.
  • Last but not least, the fantastic feature which makes the users fall in love immediately is customizing. The users can go the settings then choose any functions they want to turn your browsers become yours and own many appearances that other people realize you right the moment they look at your Dolphin Browser.

General features

It owns a lot of features which can satisfy many different needs of users as the following lines:


Every day, you have the habit of vising the same websites you like, for works, studies, reading news, entertainment, and do you wish to see it differently as of your different desire and need? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you have no reason to choose another browser. With this Gesture function, all the users can custom the gestures for your favorite sites fast and simple.

Voice search

Just speak out loud your needs, then there is no fairy, but this browser will provide exactly what you need.


By only one tap or click, your care website will be shared with any social network or social media sites so that all your friends and relatives in your friends’ list can see what you share.

Taking notes

Sometimes you may miss or forget the important information, with this Taking notes features, this problem will stop now. This Taking notes is an innovative and unique feature that only has in this Dolphin Browser. You can save your vital files to Evernote more quickly and conveniently.

Flash support

It allows you to play on both websites or Flash with any sites whose contents based on Flash.

Numerous tabs

Many users in this world have a special interest in opening many tabs at the same time to save time and not skip much information existing a lot in this modern life.

However, it is an element that can make your other tabs or even the whole browsers run slowly. Sympathy with that sadness and concern, the author adds to these features so that those can open the big number of tabs without interrupting the browser to run smoothly.

Desktop mode

It helps you to open the browsers anytime you want without using your mouse.

Incognito mode

This feature will blow the secret-loving people away. No one but only you is the one who knows your current thoughts and feeling in your hears. How can it happen? With this Incognito mode, no one can track or even investigate your daily activities anymore. All your secrets are always secrets.

Web app store

There are more than 200 most well-known sites available on this browser, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find what you want.


The browser has many adds-on which enhance the users’ experience.

Customized options

Not only Desktop mode or incognito mode, but the browser also provides many other exciting modes such as Full-screen mode, night mode, private mode, and lots of modes so that the users will feel comfortable when using it.

Fast download

One of the annoying problems that happen in many browsers nowadays is the low speed of download. The users have to wait a long time to download on most of the sites tiredly. Thanks to this, you know forget that exhausted feeling quickly, your download will stop before you get tired.

Ad blocker

Imagining that you are concentrating on the studies, works, or reading news, “Bum,” suddenly hateful pop-up advertisements jump out and disturb your focus flow, and then it takes you at least a few minutes to close it and come back to your work. With this Ad blocker feature, no advertisements can attack and waste your time anymore.

How to download

As mentioned above, the publisher released no official version for PC. Therefore, it requires the needed PC to install an emulator app such as Nox Player or Bluestacks. The below information will show you how to use the Bluestacks. It is suitable for Windows 7,8,10 and Mac. To install the Dolphin Browser fast on PC, please follow the steps as below:

  • First and foremost, download the Bluestacks app on the official website to your needed PC (On Mac, download it on IOS)
  • Then, install the app by clicking on the .exe file
  • After that, log in to your Google Play Store account
  • Next, install the Dolphin Browser after searching it on the search bar.
  • Finally, when the browser finishes installing, it will be available on your PC. So, you can use it now.


What purpose is the Dolphin Browser?

– This browser enhances user experience through privacy, security, and a lot more great features that can satisfy the users’ requirements and needs.

What is the jetpack?

– A jetpack is a tool for best flash videos and game experiences.

Is it running on Linux?

– Yes, it is. It’s compatible with the Linux System, and the updated versions are available on the official website of Dolphin Browser.

Does it have a security system?

– Yes, it is. The security system is high and can be able to prevent personal information from being stolen by hackers for illegal purposes. Besides, it provides some extra features such as the incognito mode and ad-blocker, so that your daily activities are always secured.

Is the Flash supported on this Dolphin browser?

– Yes, it is. Therefore, you don’t need to install anything else for enabling all the features.


Dolphin Browser – It takes us to the blue sea with a lot of dolphins playing with each other and with you from the water surface. This moment is so comfortable and peaceful. This browser brings you the same feeling every time surfing it, thanks to its multiple stunning graphics and features. Do exactly as the article suggests, all the users will be easier using the Dolphin Browser on both Smartphones and PCs. Hopefully, you are satisfied with our material to install the Dolphin Browser fast on PC.


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