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Install Free Private Browser Download For PC Windows 7/8/10, and all your devices will always be in secure status. Instead of opening the incognito mode when using other browsers, now you don’t have to do that unnecessary step any more thanks to the appearance of the Private Browser. The leaks of your sensitive and vital personal information will never happen once you stop pondering and installing Private Browser for PC fast.

Why Free Private Browser? 

Free Private Browser owns the unique characteristic like its name: Keeping secrets. Besides, it is also the most vital and foremost feature of this Free Private Browser. Due to that reason, every time you open the browser, you will see the incognito mode immediately, the only mode ever existing in this browser. As a result, no device or people can investigate things happening in your head, but only you. Your device will be completely safe and secured. Moreover, this app also offers more incredible features that enhancing your browser experience, such as modern and high technology, order bookmarks list, full-screen mode, and so on. Once installing it, you will be pleased.

Private Browser for PC fast
Private Browser for PC fast

Key features

  • The incognito mode is the default, and there is no other normal mode.
  • As its name, all tabs on Free Private Browser will totally disappear without any trail about searched name or website after you close it.
  • Though you have logged in to your accounts on any websites, it saves no data on it, including the cookies that allow the websites to remember the ID for the next logging it.
  • As a result, you will not be disturbed from any junks from the previous search cause no one can know your current care, hobby, happiness, or fear. For the next access, in front of you will be a brand new browser.
  • There is no restriction on the search engines; you can use all the engines you get acquainted with, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • It helps you with entertainment by the minimalist appearance and design.
  • To experience the tabs ideally, it allows the users to enable the full-screen mode, hide all the softkeys and status bar.
  • Thanks to an order bookmarks and softkeys, there is no barrier to access all the amusement websites in the world.

How to download 

Free Private Browser is one of the browsers create for only Android devices like smartphones or tablets. However, after falling in love with its unique and useful features, many users wish to have it on the PC too, and the publisher let them down when releasing no official PC version on their website. ‘If you want, you will find the way,’ and that is the reason why we write this article for those who have the same desire. First of all, the users are requires to install an Emulator App on the needed devices like Nox Player or Bluestacks. Please follow the below guidance to continue to install the Free Private Browser.

  • First, download either Bluestacks or Nox Players to the PC
  • Then, download the Private Browser APK File. For future easy search, you can keep it on the Desktop screen.
  • After that, put the Private Browser APK App to your Bluestacks.
  • Closely to an end, this time, you will do nothing because the Bluestacks will install the app by itself and automatically add a shortcut icon on the Desktop screen right after it finishes.
  • Finally, the app is available on your PC, double click to the icon, and experience it.


This app is suitable for everyone who has the fear that hackers or any bad company want to steal information about daily routines, hobby, or care for their illegal purpose. Thank you for reading the whole article, and we hope that the readers will install Free Private Browser for PC fast and have a great experience on the Private Browser.


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