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Puffin Browser Download For PC is one of the favorite browsers on the mobile phone. The matter is installing it on the PS is not as easy as on smartphones, even you try the APK app, it still fails. This article will show you the details if you are searching for the Puffin Browser Download For PC Windows 7/8/10.

Why should you choose the Puffin Browser?

The leaks of personal information are one of the headed problems with all Internet users nowadays. With the continuous development of modern technology, people can’t work, entertain, connect with others, keep in touch without the Internet. Some people choose to accept their privacy is being stolen, some worry so much and keep finding a browser with a high-security system. Puffin Browser will solve that problem for you. Above that, it also adds more special features to make your browser experience better. You can arrange all your bookmarks with are the same category in one folder and name it. It saves your time as you want to reopen your favorite or important bookmarks. The navigate is also much more manageable.

Puffin Browser For PC - Windows/Mac
Puffin Browser For PC – Windows/Mac

Any browsers that you want to make it become your secret disappear immediately without leaving any trail right after you close it. You can open it on the layers-incognito mode. On both normal and incognito, it accepts you to open more tabs at the same time as long as you have strong Internet. All your fears about the steal of secret personal information will be swept away.

If you desire to maintain the existing Google, you can still be able to stick to it.

Main features

  • Many tabs can be open at the same time in a shorter time without harming your PC.
  • Both the incognito mode and the security system will protect you.
  • Surfing the Internet, playing videos in many tabs are now faster thanks to the cloud browsing computing tech.
  • Your Bookmarks are in order, so it is easier and faster to search.
  • The setting has the feature of restoring your previous tabs at the time before all was closed.
  • Download anything you want when surfing the Internet never as easy as this time, thanks to the useful download and customizable download options.

How to download on Android devices

After using the Puffin Browser for a while, you will soon be attracted and want to use it on your PC. However, the disappointing feeling appears when you realize that it is not available for the PC version. It requires an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player. The steps below will guide Puffin Browser For PC – Windows/Mac by downloading the Bluestacks.

  • First, download any Android emulators on your PC.
  • Second, click the icon on your Desktop to open.
  • Third, take the app from your device then lay it on Desktop, or you can do another simple way to download the app through the Play Store on the emulator and do nothing because it will install it by itself.
  • Fourth, click on the right-mouse button on APK file => Open with => Open with Bluestacks, it will install the app.

Some frequent questions (FAQ)

    1. What makes the Puffin Browser fast?
      • They use the cloud servers, which have the function of decrease the weight of the load at your device. As a result, it runs fast.
    2. Does it have a good security system?
      • Yes, it is. It is even programmed to avoid the hackers accessing your Internet and the virus stealing your personal information on the device.

That’s some general information that you should know when installing this Puffin Browser For PC – Windows. Hopefully, you find this article useful. Enjoy!


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