Line is an interesting chat application that you can free download for PC Windows 7/8/10. It is similar to the Whatsapp and Viber apps with the feature that allows you to send free messages, send photos, stickers, emoticons, location information, send group messages of up to 100 people. Download and experience the application today.


About Line free download for PC Windows

Another cool feature of this app is that it allows you to shake the phone to proceed with adding someone to your friends’ list. Basically, it senses when you and someone else shake the phone at the same time and automatically analyzes and recognizes that you two are asking for friends. Just click on the appropriate name that appears on the screen. In addition, you can also search for more friends by ID like the traditional way or scan QR codes. Making friends is now much simpler when you use this app.

You can also see this application as a miniature social network because you can post status, take photos attached, send information about where you are standing, and share with everyone. Do a lot of interaction using this app to expand your friends.

What makes the attraction for Line free download for PC Windows?

Another attraction of Line for PC Windows is the chat group creation feature. One interesting thing is that this app has also launched an android application called “Popcorn buzz”. This application facilitates group calls with up to 200 members, meeting practical needs in exchanging between a team.

This app is also known for having a variety of cute and varied stickers. LINE Friends character system diverse with exclusive stickers collection. Obviously, this is an attraction for young people when using the application for daily communication or texting.

In addition to messaging, exchange, the application also integrates many different utilities such as News, LINE pay, send gifts to friends, make friends by scanning codes … In the application, there are items to create notes and albums. to save and manage content, images. It is clear that the integration of many different features makes this application much more popular.

Right now, you can free download Line for PC Windows to experience the interesting features that it brings.



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