Turbo Mailer

Turbo-Mailer is a very useful application that allows users to send large amounts of e-mail such as newsletters or advertisements quickly and easily. The special thing is that the E-mail list can be edited directly or imported from the list of text files, from tables in Excel. That is why you should download this application for your PC Windows.

Turbo Mailer

About Turbo-Mailer download for PC Windows

As mentioned above, you will be able to send text and HTML emails in bulk. One advantage of this application is that it is also designed to be simple for the user so that you can send large amounts of e-mail such as newsletters or advertisements quickly.

Obviously, this app will be an extremely useful tool that you can utilize for sending information to your company’s customers or promoting a new product. Moreover, it can also be used to send messages with attached files and images, promising to bring you enhanced experiences when using.

Here is a summary of some of the unique features of this application:

  • The text editor is a built-in HTML Editor and has an interface for editing HTML documents.
  • Send attachments and embed images in HTML.
  • Thanks to the SMTP protocol, it is possible to exploit the best broadband for sending large volumes of mail.
  • The BCC option will help reduce network traffic.
  • Automatically select Modem Auto-Dial-Up/Hang-Up to save connection costs.
  • E-mail lists can be directly edited, managed, and imported from text files, from tables in Excel.

With the useful features that this application brings, if you want to automate the process of sending bulk emails, you can simply download Turbo Mailer for for PC Windows. It will definitely make you happy to use it.



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