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Colorflow 1.0 Download For PC allows you to create your own style of the factor for your operating system. This is supposed to be a pack of icons similar to Mac OS X to enhance the look. Download the program right now for your PC.

If your work asks you to use the computer every day, you could get boring with the icons and visuals of the default Windows operating systems. Colorflow could be the way for you to go right now. The pack offers over 50 icons and your appearance will be given a newer feeling along with customizing your operating system.

A load of icons to modify Windows


As you know, the famous system of Apple, Mac OS X always focuses carefully on the design and the quality of the pictures. And the icons, which have been adjusted according to Mac OS X style, are connected to some folders. Colorflow allows users to convert the icon of any folder so that the users could enhance the visual look of your computer.

The total icons adhere to the sole design principle, thus if you accomplish numerous changes for your Windows, the homogeneity of icons will enhance the intuitive style of our operating system dramatically. Though profuse of designs Colorflow supplies have been advanced to be utilized with Mac OS X program, the fact is that they can be comprised in Windows yet will not cause any troubles, since, though the icon is originated from the same motif to the application’s icon, it could be well wielded for any Windows program with the same functions.

On the positive aspect, Colorflow is still a useful application that supports the users to renew the visual look of the Windows operating system. Download Colorflow and get a load of more than 50 icons for your Window right now. Easily, click on the “Download” button, and your Windows operating system will get rid of the boring previous look.


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