Real Desktop

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Real Desktop Free Download is one of the interesting applications for Windows 7/8/10 to help you create a new desktop space. Obviously thanks to this application you will be able to enjoy a wonderful 3D space. Download this app for free and experience it today!

Real Desktop
Real Desktop

About Real Desktop free download for Windows

As mentioned above, this is a simple tool that turns your screen into an area in three-dimensional space with 3D objects and allows you to grab the elements and throw them to make them collide together. Experience with the desktop screen will definitely become a lot more enjoyable now.

You will be able to change the camera position to view the screen from different angles. To modify any aspect, you’ll just have to press the right mouse button for a few seconds and a menu will open up. In fact, this app will provide a ball on the screen for you to play while you score. Therefore, it will truly be entertainment for you when using your computer.

With this application, you will be able to make your desktop more vivid like in the real world by interacting with icons like movement, collision … Will no longer be boring screens like before, instead, is an unexpected vividness.

This application also has the ability to operate extremely well, extremely efficiently, and fast, taking up fewer computer resources thanks to the real machine. Therefore, you can experience it completely smooth. In addition, this application also supports many beautiful effects, notably the mirror-reflection effect to enhance your own experience when using.

Real Desktop will definitely be an application that makes you feel extremely satisfied to use. Download this application for free for Windows to experience today!


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