DIALux Evo 8.2 For PC is known as an app that allows the user to generate professional interior as well as exterior lighting projects. Download DIALux to improve your project without any charge right now.

Overall about DIALux


Appearing as a free tool and allowing the user to make qualified 3D lighting works, DIALux has recently been used plenty of the major producers in this field. You are easily able to create your own design the light for the entireties of kinds of spaces. This function is more remarkable than several apps in this field since they always possess some limits for designing the lighting work at some space. But DIALux will never be similar to them. Perfect, right?

Lighting experts can meet their all needs to accomplish their working project when they try DIALux for the first time. You could emulate virtual spaces and obverse the consequence of your work with realistic pictures. DIALux operates with natural as well as manmade lighting, receiving the data from different CAD and inputting the jobs to its interface.

Main features that DIALux supplies

Now, take a look at the features DIALux supplies

  • Create a plan for interior and exterior lighting work for the whole buildings.
  • Allow users to implement real-time settings and obverse the finished products in a realistic way.
  • Execute update data for the producers.
  • Allow users to view and evaluate the CAD products.
  • Offer an integrated raytracing module.
  • Offer the lighting sources, filters, and materials with various colors for usage.

However, everything in the world has two aspects. DIALux still has its drawbacks. The dramatic disadvantage of this useful app is that it is too complicated to start for the newbies. That means this is not ideal for those who just start using the CAD app. If you desire to start using the app, the requirement is that you need to get the knowledge and experience associated with using or tackling with CAD app for the purpose to take the whole advantages of DIALux.

In summary

Even though DIALux needs some elements to start to use, it is an actually useful tool for those who are looking for efficient tools to accomplish lighting work. Or in the situation you have known about the CAD app, it is the perfect app for you. Now, you just click the “Download” button to ignite using this awesome app.


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