Paint 3D by Microsoft is a free design and photography software to download for PC Windows 7/8/10. It’s useful to make drawing and building sketches easy.

Paint 3D
Paint 3D

Paint 3D PC

It is an upgraded version for Windows 10 with a set of features. These will help the user complete their projects in a simple way.

Considered an updated Paintbrush edition for Windows 10

Paintbrush or Paint is one of the most legendary apps. Meanwhile, the current soft adjusted functions of that classic program into modern and special ones of the existing OS. It has recovered the predecessor’s simplicity.

A friendly drawing application

It means that you can activate and use utilities comfortably. It’s workable without deploying any complicated commands.

That allows its customers including you to act and release artistic products easily. It’s free to create and perform.

Main features

Paint 3D contains a lot of features. But, the most notable items are available below.

Possible to generate 3D works

From completing 2D drawings, the inflate tool is capable of turning them into 3D ones.

Realistic devices

They can be a spray can or an oil paintbrush

Optimize the support for touchscreens

It’s easy and faster to reach the section you want.


It’s feasible to explore the full list of textures’ kinds. They’re effective to put up the scene. They can be hardwood or soft grass…

Filter and other options

They will bring back the best show off your creations.


You can decorate your sketches by choosing and applying stickers with photos of your own dog, buddies, or family.

A large number of models

Come from the Remix 3D community in which you can debut, upload, and discover thousands of 3D structures and so on.

Not difficult to doodle

Sketch something with the 3D Doodle and you can watch it in 3D immediately


Export a video of your process and display how you have done it.

And more

Paint 3D is a free download drawing software for PC Windows. It also adds many new features like long ribbons or short dollops of volume…The minimum operating system is Windows 10.



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