Sketchable is a design and photography software for Windows 7/8/10. It’s available to download the new program and start to draw whichever you want as works of art!


Sketchable Windows  

It is an efficient drawing app that allows you to create everything from simple sketches to complex lines.

It can become an ideal alternative if you miss Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro.

Possible to become a painter on screens

It’s not difficult to express your ideas on your personal computer.

The current digital equipment can take the place of traditional canvases. In other words, you will have free time and save a lot of money if you control the existing gear.

You are able to focus much more on mining your own creativity.

How do you use Sketchable?

You are capable of drawing and building sketches on a special flat panel. Even, it’s easier to finish your job than with Photoshop.

With the tools active, you can set out anything as if you were controlling a pen and paper.

There is a layering system that helps you sketch, write, and apply the favorite color to your creations easily.

It’s feasible to reset the size and the skin of the interface.

It’s straightforward to rotate the canvas to meet the movement of your wrist as well.

Remember that you can export the design to Photoshop!

Notes! It’s not a free soft. You have to pay to obtain the paint bucket, the possibility to draw in a symmetrical way, templates, masks, etc.

A crossover

It exists between a drawing book and a canvas. In which, you can put a note in writing, modify a photo, or form a masterpiece.

Don’t forget to check some kind of guide or a review on the Internet before using it!


Windows 10 is the minimum operating system. Or, you can choose another higher.

It offers many in-app purchases to lead you to premium content.

Sketchable for Windows will grant you more control over the tools valid and it can run on other platforms. Let’s download and experience every feature it contains!



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