Dragon Professional Individual

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The objective of Dragon Professional Individual Free Download is to let users dictate text to their PC Windows 7/8/10. This is a fast way to get your documents done.

Dragon Professional Individual
Dragon Professional Individual

It is quite simple and easy to dictate text to your PC and transcribe

Nowadays, people tend to install applications with the function of sending commands to their PCs and doing dictations. This kind of service is kind of popular for Google users. Therefore, it is a premise for the release of other virtual assistants, for instance, Google Now of Android, Siri of iPhone, and Cortana of Microsoft. They are all great apps to use. However, there is still another application that may catch your attention, which is Dragon Professional Individual by Nuance.

It is such an outstanding program to have on a computer. It is because it lets you easily dictate text to the computer. From here, you can insert text into Microsoft programs, such as Words or Excel. To sum up, it helps you get your documents done fast. Also, you can enhance your productivity when trying to make documents, send emails, or even fill in forms.

What does Dragon Professional Individual on PC include?

The goal of the program is to identify words then dictate them so the users can insert them into their documents. Therefore, it is packed with a lot of useful features to help it works much better.

  • It allows you to create voice commands for inserting graphics.
  • It can enhance the accuracy level. So, all the documents and emails can be carefully analyzed.
  • You can make a speech at a common speed.
  • It recommends you to use some dictations.
  • By using your voice, you can change and apply the format to documents easily.
  • There is a modern learning system you can use to fit the way you work.
  • All lists of customized words can be imported and exported.
  • It allows you to give commands by voice.
  • The recordings can be transcribed via audio files.
  • All processes are automatic with macros.

If you want to better your productivity, then, make sure you try using the Dragon Professional Individual program on the computer. It is a pay-to-use application, so you need to purchase the full version if you want to use it. Hope you find it useful!


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