English-Spanish Interpreter

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Download English-Spanish Interpreter, a translator for PC Windows 7/8/10, and overcome language barriers! It’s easy to translate any text from English to Spanish and vice versa.

English-Spanish Interpreter
English-Spanish Interpreter

English-Spanish Interpreter PC

It’s a convenient software for dictionaries and translation, introducing a text processor with an automatic translator. It’s possible to convert the text into the language you expect.

Why we have English-Spanish Interpreter

Spanish is a popular and crucial thing for many aspects of the world. It’s useful for students and workers, together with other classes. In fact, Spanish is the third most used language. It has more than 500 million users.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of persons who are not good at speaking that. It’s pretty difficult to master if you’ve just joined such a community.

Don’t worry! It’s completely simple to approach the existing soft and get familiar with its functions before you are fluent.

It even offers pieces of knowledge beyond what you see from basic features.

English-Spanish Interpreter with standard releases

It works as same as Word. With the utility, you are capable of writing/ copying & pasting texts, and hitting the button to translate them.

Perform with its suitable layout and format, comprising font styles, colors, sizes, tables, charts, images, indentations…

As an offline alternative to Google Translate

It has similar translation functionality.

Different from the well-known Google Translate, it allows you to finish your task without an Internet connection.

Some major features

English-Spanish Interpreter for Windows includes a lot of features. Here are a few spotlights:

Text processor with an available auto-translating capability

Appropriate with converting short sentences and long paragraphs

Built-in pronunciation

Workable on a horizontal or a vertical screen split

Spell and grammar checking

Memories to set databases and recall the content from the past



The trial can work 14 times in 15 days. It’s free to experience!

English-Spanish Interpreter is a reliable translation software for PC Windows to download. Remember to get the full version!



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