Free Language Translator

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Free Language Translator is a free download educational soft for PC Windows 7/8/10. It allows you to know the meanings of a word, a sentence, a paragraph and offers other functions.

Free Language Translator
Free Language Translator

Free Language Translator for PC

It is a good translator that is running on Windows operating system. It’s easy for you to obtain and experience its benefits on a personal computer.

The program will utilize the Google translation service to meet your needs. Just download the current utility and you can embark on translating any texts.

Key features

These are the main elements that make Free Language Translator Windows become outstanding.

A simple-to-use desktop app

It helps the user translate texts easily after they choose the language they want.


There is a list of over 40 different languages to single out and explore.

A fast & precise translator

Aside from the ease and simplicity or other points, it’s pretty quick to finish your task with the following key.

A friendly interface

It has two separate parts. The first section will paste the text and choose the input/output languages. Opt for what you like then (Google translation/the existing dictionary).

Mine the Google translation service

As mentioned above, it relies on one of the most popular utilities in the world. But, it also provides its own dictionaries. If you’re a familiar customer of Google Translate, you can find a pleasant feeling when using the present equipment.

A series of keyboard shortcuts

They will create a fast path to the area. When you hit F5, the target will appear in another language through Google. If you press F6, it will be translated with the soft.

Feasible to import

You can do that in the most essential formats as plain text.

And more

Free Language Translator is a free software for translation to download for PC Windows. Let’s fulfill your job in a new way!


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