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Fritzing is an available and download educational software for PC Windows 7/8/10. With the new utility, you are capable of generating printed circuit boards of your blueprints and more.

Fritzing for PC

Fritzing is a program that allows the user to carry out numerous jobs from creating boards, document prototypes to sharing them.

More details

It’s considered a tool useful to automate the process of electrical designing. In which, you’re able to set up circuit board diagrams, assemble prototypes on a virtual test grid. Additionally, you can opt for the best circuit routing to complete the PCB.

A good system to access the real electronics realm

Even, we have had a great bridge to move deeper into that world. It’s totally ideal to approach and mine fields of education and professional. Therefore, it’s really helpful for electronic teachers, engineers, or electronic enthusiasts.

Main abilities

Here are the major possibilities that the user can finish after they launch Fritzing on their PC. They also express the key features that the app has.


It’s not difficult to put up a virtual proto-board or a test board. Additionally, you can embark on generating a diagram of a circuit or deploy the auto-router to sketch your PCB.


It’s possible to exploit the usage of multiple components and interact with layers.


You can drop notes into your designs and distribute them to other people.

Getting access

It’s feasible to visit and rummage the online project gallery of your own whenever you want.

A clear interface

From which, you can delve deeper into three views to form your plan. They include Protoboard, Schematic, and PCB. Each of them will show you different concepts and unique functions.

And more

Download Fritzing for PC Windows and get ready to discover a functional application for free! It requires a corresponding ZIP compressor to work.


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