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Geosense is a free soft for education to check information about your location. Download the tool for PC Windows 7/8/10 and prepare to master its geolocation functions!

Geosense Windows PC

It is one of the best programs to know the detail of the place you are staying. It’s possible to work on your personal computer and allow you to mine its possibilities without charge.

Available for Windows 7 – the minimum operating system

It contains the ability to control sensors existing in your Pc. Therefore, you can gain many geolocation capabilities and info about your global positioning.

It’s pretty comfortable and handy to connect Geosense if your machine does not link to a GPS.

With the built-in position sensor mechanics, you will obtain numerous ways to achieve the goal. One of the methods is WiFi triangulation. It offers a value that is approximate to the present spot.

How to use

Here is the guide to enable Geosense for Windows.

Head to the Control Panel

Hit the Hardware and Sound section

Pick the “Location and other sensors” option

Another screen will pop up, in which, you can switch on “Geosense Location Sensor”.

Enter an address or a coordinate to take the information you expect. Or, simply strike a button.

Aside from the features mentioned, you can see the street name, locality, postal code, country, etc.

Besides, open Bing maps to seek specified areas or copy the facts and send them via SMS or email message.

And more


At the moment, it supports the positioning services of Google through Wi-Fi or IP. Nevertheless, it can supplement the compatibility with Skyhook Wireless (Wi-Fi), Quova (Wi-Fi), and Navizon (Wi-Fi).


Windows 7 should help the app operate.

Geosense is good at managing the geolocation functionality of your desktop. Let’s download the new equipment for PC Windows for free and dig deeper into the tool!


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