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Hot Potatoes Free Download is a program for PC Windows 7/8/10 to help the user, especially the teacher, generate questionnaires smartly. It’s free to download and complete the mission of any kind in HTML format!

Hot Potatoes
Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes PC

It contributes to setting up a cleverer teaching method. It’s a reliable software that teachers and schools can choose from.

It’s specifically useful since the day they started to teach their students via the Internet. At the moment, it’s possible to build creations and solutions for every type of questionnaire instead of only sending information.

A tool to create sets of questions

They can come of various sorts from crossword puzzles to normal tests.

The Hot Potatoes suite actually offers six functions. They are handy to release interactive exercises. They relate to categories like multiple-option, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering, and gap-filling.

They are workable for the World Wide Web.

A freeware

In which, you can mine its advantages and apply them to many purposes or the designs that you expect.

But, it is not open-source. In fact, the Java version gives the entire features in Windows v6. Except that, you cannot export a SCROM object from Java Hot Potatoes.

Existing utilities:

Here is the list of the main options in Hot Potatoes.


To make matching tests


To develop jumbled-sentence works


To finish crosswords


To kick quizzes off


To form fill-in-the-gaps challenges

After you fulfill your task, you can export them in HTML format. Via the web, they will be solved after that.

You can prepare an actual exam or simply an entertaining one for your buddies or family.

To get an effective device to shape any questionnaire, download Hot Potatoes as soon as you can! It will provide plenty of convenient settings to roll out the result that you want for sure. It’s totally active for PC Windows! It’s free as well!


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