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iSpoofer for PC Windows 7/8/10 is an application to display a fake GPS location on your iOS devices without a jailbreak. It’s free to download and show!


iSpoofer PC

It’s easy to fool somebody or simply make a fake GPS location visible on your iPhone or iPad. You can do that from your personal computer with no modification.

Fitting various circumstances for fun

With the main function mentioned above, it seems to be very suitable for games like Pokémon GO. It used to a popular challenge. In which, you should catch monsters from villages in the countryside or cities.

However, it’s also effective to pretend that you are traveling somewhere.

iSpoofer PC will give you an appropriate option to spoof the GPS of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. So, you can reveal an unreal position that you choose.

Key features

iSpoofer is a geography program to make your life more interesting, including the following highlights.

Easy to spoof

The GPS of your iOS gadgets so as to level up in location-based games or approach services sooner. It’s not essential for the user to roam around.


It can exist with Apple devices equipped with iOS 8.0 or higher. It especially does not require a jailbreak.

Furthermore, it can match GPX files along with route customization.

Simple to modify

It’s possible to edit your movement speed to act if you are moving, walking, sprinting, or wandering in a car.

Hence, it’s pretty straightforward to throw the ball and capture something within the game we’ve talked about. But, it can fit more playfields. Nevertheless, you must remember that everything will end if Niantic spots and bans you.

And more

iSpoofer is one of the best apps for PC Windows to fake your GPS on your iPhone or iPad. It’s free for all to download and experience.



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