Microsoft Translator

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Microsoft Translator is a great tool for PC Windows 7/8/10, compatible with over 60 languages. Download the soft and get ready to translate whichever you want!

Microsoft Translator
Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

It’s an educational application related to dictionaries and translation. It’s also one of the top translators that you can get to your PC.


There are dozens of languages that you can explore between any pair of them. For example, you’re able to approach common ones such as English or Spanish. Besides, you can access a series of European tongues.

Don’t skip co-official ones like Catalan or Flemish! We are capable of interacting with strange items, for instance, Yucatec Maya, Haitian Creole, and Hmong Daw.

The soft comprise a prank with the existence of Klingon as well.

An ideal alternative to Google Translate

They created a war and there has been no outcome. Microsoft’s app integrated lots of services of the likes of Bing, Skype, Office, Twitter, Internet Explorer, and more.

The biggest drawback is that you cannot deploy it on Windows 7.

Key features

Microsoft Translator is an app including tons of main features that help its customers defeat communication barricades. They are functions and possibilities, too.

Assistance for translating various languages

Real-time translation functionality between two or more guests

Recognize and give the result of text contained in images

Easy to listen to the content that the machine has translated

Simple to share translations with other apps

A favorite area to save them

Offer new words and sentences

Online mode

Offline mode (activate it after downloading what you like on your computer)


Select Windows 10 as the minimum operating system to dig deeper into the equipment.

Microsoft Translator is a classic translator that is available to download for PC Windows. It’s effective to remove language barriers. It can become the most powerful competitor of Google Translate.



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