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Minitab is a soft containing a rich variety of tools useful for statistical calculations. It’s available to download for PC Windows 7/8/10 and solve your issues!


Minitab PC

It is a program that is actually fitting advanced professional and academic environments.

Meanwhile, statistics are necessary for reality. It allows people to give out decisions based on various aspects from the analysis to classification data.

A perfect statistical analysis software

Minitab appears with a kit of utilities. It brings a chance to set up professional presentations.

It’s pretty easy to work with them, thanks to a friendly interface that you can customize.


The trial version will occur within 30 days.

It’s a pay-to-play utility.

Main features

In Minitab for PC Windows, it’s possible to experience the following features.

Provide an assistant

Analyzing the measurement systems, capacity with graphics one, etc.

Display basic stats

Like description, tests called Z, one and two proportion, Poisson rate, and more


For linear, binary logistics, ordinal, nominal…

Analysis of the variance

For example, ANOVA, MANOVA, so on

Design of experiments (DOE)

Level two factorials, general and split-plot ones, response surface designs…


Goes with a possibility to reset the toolbar menus or user profile


For the key components, cluster observations, and others

On worksheets

For collecting info, classifying probabilities, measuring


Parametric and non-parametric distributions, goodness-for-fit measuring ways, least squares…

Simulations and distributions

With random number generators, random sampling, accumulated sharing, density functions

Stats control of processes

Run charts, Pareto diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, manage charts for variables and attributes…

Time and forecast series

Including time, trend, decomposition, and many more

Download Minitab for PC Windows and you can apply a good application to enhance your performance. It’s only free to check out the trial where you can explore the same functions from the full edition.



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